Christina Hendricks – A Biography on This American Acting Glory

Christina Hendricks is one of the celebrities who showcases her smile, talent, and style, all at once.

“Performers are fortunate to be on both the silver screen and television. Whether it is an action movie, a documentary, or a series, an actor’s versatility defines his or her skills. They keep lesson-oriented ideas in our heads.”

Today we have Christina Hendricks, the finest and most beautiful actress that the current Hollywood prides. We will consider her individuality, family, and interesting facts which you might have never known. Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Miss Hendricks are also answered below.

Christina Hendricks Profile Bits

Who Is Christina Hendricks?

She is a versatile actress from America who has also the particulars of modeling in her resume. 

What Is her’ Full Name?

“It’s Christina Renee Hendricks.”

What Is the Age?

She was born on the 3rd of May, 1975, which makes her 46, according to the calculations till February 2022.

Where Was she Born?

She was born in the United States of America.

What Is Christina Hendricks’ Nationality?

She has both American and British nationalities.

Where Was she Raised?

Christina Hendricks was raised in different places like Oregon, Idaho, Portland, and Twin Falls.

Family and Relationships

Christina’s parents belonged to separate regions. Her mother is an American named Jackie Sue Hendricks while her father is British named Robert Hendricks. According to Wikipedia, her mother is a psychologist by profession while her father is a Forest Service employee. 

There is also a brother of hers. According to resources, her family loves camping trips.

When she was younger, the family had to move to Virginia because she found it distressing. She encountered a bully in the new high school.

Who Was Christina Hendricks’ Husband?

His name is Geoffrey Arend, with whom she married in 2009. Geoffrey Rashid Arend is also an actor, working in film, television, and theatre. One of his famous career titles is 500 Days of Summer. Furthermore, he was born on the 28th of February, 1978.

What Are the Names of her Children?

She does not have children yet.

Why Did Christina Renee Hendricks Divorce Her Husband?

According to, the documents illustrated that they separated because of incompatible differences. 

Educational Background

Since Christina Hendricks’s family was constantly changing places, she has to study in a couple of different schools. Her wiki demonstrates one elementary school in Oregon while there is also one in Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Fairfax High School and a local community college are also in her later years.

Career – The Overview

She actually started her career as a receptionist at a salon. She went to drama school at Virginia Commonwealth University because of a chance she got later on.

The model Christina Renee Hendricks traveled to London and Japan for different projects which then commenced her appearances in commercials. Moreover, fascinatingly she worked as a hand model in the movie American Beauty’s poster.

Since When Is Christina Renee Hendricks’s Career Active?

It was active since 1999.

What Are Some of the Christina Renee Hendricks Movies and TV Shows?

Some of her movies and series are Mad Men, Good Girls, Drive, Lost River, and The Neon Demon.

What Was Christina Hendricks’ Mad Men Character Like?

She played Joan Harris, who was an office manager and head of the secretarial pool.

Are There Any Projects for Christina Hendricks in 2022?

The UK Times found her IMDB illustrating the project The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry is in the filming phase. 

Net Worth

According to, Christina Hendricks’s net worth is 10 million dollars. 

What Are Christina Hendricks’s Body Measurements and Features?

The following here Body measurements and characteristics of her figure are derived from

  • Her figure is curvaceous.
  • Christina Hendricks’s height is 5 feet 7 inches or 1.71 meters.
  • Her shoe size is between 8 US and 6 UK.
  • Christina Hendricks’s weight is 160 pounds or 73 kg.
  • She has a chest size of 106.68 cm.
  • Miss Hendricks has a waist measurement of 76.20 cm.
  • Her dress size is between 14 US and 18 UK.
  • Christina Hendricks’s eye color is deep blue.
  • She dyes her hair red because she is naturally blonde.

What’s on Christina Hendricks’ Reddit?

Christina Hendricks’s Reddit community is all about discussions on her career or other relevant topics along with votes.

Are There Any Official Christina Hendricks’ Social Media Accounts?

You can view the official Christina Hendricks Instagram account.

Where Can I Find Young Christina Hendricks’ Pictures?

You can conveniently find pictures of her youth on Google Images. Just type the right keywords and there you go! Moreover, consult the blogs dedicated to this topic.

5 Interesting Facts About 

  • Christina Hendricks’s feet are beautiful and unique. They are slightly bent at the toe side.
  • She was a Goth in her younger days, unlike other girls who wore makeup and carried purses.
  • “She didn’t like the hairstyle she had in Mad Men.”
  • She used to play Dungeons & Dragons with her brother as a kid.
  • She was named the Best Looking American Woman by the magazine in 2010.

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